What business ideas have the highest potential to succeed or fail?

When starting out on establishing a business, it is important to bear in mind what not to attempt to avoid the risk of failure. In this post, you can find a compilation of business opportunities that are least likely to succeed and business ideas that have the most potential to turn out profitable. You can get more information about the current trends and business week today from the Odisha Samaya.

India news today about the riskiest businesses

  • Carpentry – This occupation has been hit badly in the recent years and the number of carpenters out of work is constantly increasing. 
  • Video rental stores – This is probably one of the worst ideas for business. With everything available online either for free or at a very small cost, there are extremely few people who step foot in a rental store. 
  • Launderers and dry cleaners – India news today about the laundry and dry cleaning industry show a sharp decline in the usage of these services. There is already a lot of competition in this field and the initial investment is too high to take a risk. 

Business news today about the most profitable opportunities 

  • Old age care – With the population explosion and increase in the lifespan of a person, we have a lot of people in the senior citizen category who need constant care and support. There is a lot of scope in the area of providing services for these people. 
  • Career counseling – This is a field where supply is much lesser than the demand. It is a good opportunity that will bring long-term profits. 
  • Selling paint – Although this might seem a little unusual, research shows that this is one of the easiest and the most rewarding long-term professions requiring little investment and expertise.

The earthquake is really taking a toll as reported by the India News and Business News

There was all together four earthquakes which shook Nepal over. These seismic activities cover the northern and eastern India. Some of the districts are highly affected by the Tuesday’s magnitude which turned out to be upsetting. The structure and planning in Nepal is extremely low and keeps in record the distressing conditions which brought about the historic changes.

India news section of the Odisha Samaya is always updated with the recent news under the Earthquake aspect. The sightseeing segment is heavily affected by this devastation. The industry is suffering from lack of tourists as all the best places are worst affected. Even some of the best known monuments are wrecked down. Some of them are under the wreckage and thorny to recognize. The accommodation standard is quite low in Nepal in terms of India.

Indian states like Kolkata, Bihar, Orissa and other neighboring states are economically, socially, geographically and sociologically affected by this changing season. In India, Delhi felt the tremor and the offices were evacuated completely. In Kolkata, the tremors threw a tizzy sensation around the offices, houses, apartments and malls. People came over the road out of fear and anxiety. India News section of Odisha Samaya is covering all the latest news 24X7.

According to the business news section Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has actually told the authorities to be alert for further devastations and tremors. The people of Uttar Pradesh have also suffered from these massive tremors. business news of Odisha Samaya is covering all the latest news of relief operations and rescue missions to Nepal. Readers are suggested to follow the latest updates Live from Nepal.An Air Force M-17 is going to position in Kathmandu. It was sent to gain access to the damages which people are suffering from the tremors.

The well known five star hotels in Nepal are shutting down with time; the tremors have given them a reality check and to avoid the risk, they are shutting it down for atleast a fortnight. These shallow quakes are much deadly than usual, as they create tremors over a much smaller area.

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