A new dimension in agricultural development in Orissa – Emu farming

Orissa has always been a state known for its agricultural sector and 60% of the population of Orissa is employed in agriculture. Eager for some change in their occupation, the people of the Gajapati district in Orissa have started the farming of the Emu bird. Emu farming, which is popularly also known as ‘golden farming’, has become popular in many countries around the world, and now also in India.

Business news today about Emu farming

The biggest advantage of Emu farming is that the bird is resistant to a lot of diseases compared to other birds. The oil which is produced by the Emu bird has medicinal properties and is cholesterol-free. It is used as an important ingredient in a lot of cosmetic and health care products. The meat of the bird is also quite healthy with very low amounts of cholesterol and fat. The maintenance of an Emu bird is easy and is not very labor-intensive. All in all, it turns out to be very profitable for the person who ventures into this field. Get more Emu farming business news daily from the Odisha Samaya.

Odisha news today about Emu farming

Although Emu farming is a relatively new concept, there is one Emu farm in Orissa that is worthy of mention, and that is the Shibani Emu bird farm. The Shibani Emu farm was established in the year 2012 and it began with just 50 Emu birds. Today, it has a teeming business and earns a lot of profits from this business. This farm is involved in the export, supply, and processing of a number of Emu products such as Emu eggs, Emu hair oil, Emu leather, and Emu meat. You can get more Emu farming Odisha news live from the Odisha Samaya.