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The Samaya has risen in public esteem steadily since its inception in 1996.The Samaya is now recognized as a powerful and effective media vehicle to deliver the designed message in every nook and corner of the state.It reflects the day to day issues of the common man and enlightens, entertains and apprises the section of people like to go through literature, culture, politics, sports, cinema, health, education and agriculture.

News!!! The need of each individual, everyone wants to know what’s happening on every nuke and corner of their area. Odisha news today has been experiencing so many hot changes in politics, entertainment and coming up with the hot cake of news.

Not only for its rich Jagannath culture but also Odisha has emerged as educational hub. Today, the capital of Odisha is the first choice for students to acquire higher studies. But from the last decade Odisha has been making news in national platform for its political scenario, sports, scams, entertainment and in different fields.

In odisha, each day starts with some or other happenings and ended up with a biggest exposure. And Bhubaneswar witnesses the daily ups and downs of News today. From political storm to the new programs, from cyclone HudHud to special category state demand, from art and culture to sports, from Paradip to Hirakud, from chandbali to Gopalpur every hour is a news hour for the state.

Keeping all the incidents in mind Odisha became the hot spot for news and happenings.

For the tracking of all Odisha news today, the state is coming up with so many news channels, daily newspapers and web news portals.

To beat all,, the web news portal promises to provide the facts behind the news, the background and the current happenings to its viewers. It will give the regular news update of Odisha in various topics. You can find political happenings, breaking and current news, education, sports, entertainment, Odisha culture, the life style of odias, information about anything you search for.

As the world is termed as a small village, news is also away from a single touch. Thanks to the new web technology which is the future of news dispatching and broadcasting. It has given a new start up for news coverage sitting at home. In the revolutionary step for news broadcasting from state and across the world, has taken every initiative to make the new web portal concept on Odisha news today. 

Here with the update news you can find news from every segment like political, business, stock exchange, the personalities of Odisha, art, culture, and cinema, sports, regional, state, National, international, lifestyle.

In odisha many things and facts about personalities are yet to be revealed and taken a deep interest to uncover those hidden facts and provide the news viewers something interesting.

This is the gift to the next generation to have adequate knowledge on their culture and tradition.

Whatsapp is the new in with the technological advancement: Oriya News

Smartphone is a rage now in the world of communication apps. Android, iOS or Windows Phone; these phones work the best with the presence of communication apps like Whatsapp. In terms of top Odia news, people from all round the world prefers Whatsapp over any other communication app, because of its flexibility and stability. According to the latest update of Odisha Samaya, Whatsapp is the new kid with the best features in the block. Its features include texting, messaging, video exchanging as well as voice messaging. The users can enjoy group chats and group conversations along with group sharing.

Whatsapp is here with the touch of new technology and functionalities. The Whatsapp is very powerful communication medium. There are loads of people who desire to have an easiest medium of talking, texting, exchanging pictures and videos. According to the recent update by Oriya news, this new application has actually increased the level of communication over the years. The best goes with the fact that more than 50% of Indians use Whatsapp for the technological advancement exchange required news and reports.

The Whatsapp has finally rolled out the voice calling feature in terms of the Odia News. The Whatsapp Windows phone app has added the new feature of voice calling with the facility of mobile data. The feature is available in Blackberry, iOS as well as Android devices. Odisha Samaya is a much updated news website and creates a much better place. The April month has recorded more 800 million Whatsapp users, as reported by the CEO and co-founder Jan Koum, as updated by the Oriya News.

The new feature of voice calling added in Whatsapp application also contented the emergency service numbers facility. According to the report and recent survey placed by Odia News, in countries like UK, U.S.A and India, more than 50% is spent in communication apps like Whatsapp. This communication app comes with various packages after tenure of one year free service. There are various services for one year, three years etc. The installation is definitely a big deal with the presence of all the best facilities available in this communication app.

Top spaces to acquire news events in Odisha

India is a diverse country and each of the states is a mini-country of their own. There is always a lot happening all over the country and it only makes sense that there is a dedicated press and media for each individual state. Much like all other states, Orissa is a very happening place and there are a number of means to obtain Odisha news from the web and the print media. One of them is the Odisha Samaya. 

This paper is published from Bhubaneswar, Sambalpur, Berhampur, Balasore, and Angul. The site carries an archive of all previous Orissa news content arranged date-wise. You can advertise with the newspaper at reasonable rates and be sure that your advertisement will gain the perfect exposure. Its gallery page offers an overview of all major news articles pertaining to events that have occurred in the near past. The website is well organized with news articles categorized as latest news, national, international, sports, business, and entertainment. You can also view the e-paper which is an online replica of the printed newspaper. 

The capital city of Orissa, Bhubaneswar, is teeming with events and people all the time, and so is Cuttack, which was previously the capital city of Orissa. Bhubaneswar and Cuttack are today considered twin cities.Puri is the ‘holy city’ of Orissa and this is the place where the famous ‘Chariot Festival’ or ‘Car Festival’ is celebrated every year. Orissa boasts a number of rivers, research institutes, agricultural opportunities, wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, and varied flora and fauna. Given its richness in culture and heritage, it is very obvious that there is much to know about and to explore this place. The Odisha Samaya captures the beauty of the state and brings to you the latest Odisha news that unveils the true spirit of Orissa. 

The Odisha Samaya does not fail to throw light on the rich culture of Orissa and in particular, of Bhubaneswar, which houses many famous and beautiful temples. Some of the attractions include the Jagannatha Temple of Puri where the Car Festival takes place, the Pipili known for its unique applique artwork, and the Sun Temple of Konark for its architecture. The daily Orissa news compiled by the Odisha Samaya brings to you snippets of the rich culture of the state with all its glory and splendor. 

Apart from focusing only on Orissa, the Odisha Samaya also integrates the news of all the events happening around the country and the world and presents it to you in an organized and easy to grasp format. It also talks about the weekly magazines, statistics, and cinema. Its breaking news section constantly provides you the latest and updated news within minutes of its occurrence. You can connect with Odisha Samaya for the latest news and updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Do visit our website at to read the latest news in politics, business, and entertainment relating not only to Orissa, but also to India and the world.

State is providing unique business opportunities

Oriya news is into perfect surveying of our present state of our country. India has always faced the trouble of being treated as a third world country; nowadays she is given the new promotion of being ‘developing’. Developing is a very uncountable factor which has its own importance and advantages.

India news today is counting the developing factors in India.It is a very influential newspaper and has actually listed the number of developing factors in our country. The modern business occasions in our country is very pioneering and covering both the necessary and luxury goods. The superior class big businessmen are actually making sure they can invest in best places.

The rate of new ventures has increased in this country. New opportunities are making its way in our country and reducing the unemployment. The employment rate is increasing just the way the awareness to good education is taking a toll.

Oriya news is actually reflecting the present status of our country. Ours is an agricultural nation and we can feed around a million people just by the food harvested. India is completely an agricultural based country which works wonder for all the people who are absolutely based on this occupation. This occupation has its own well and bad things. The present conditions of technological advancement, in the country, are the reason behind such a good level of export and import food products in this country.

India is the greatest producer of pulses, cereals and jute. Oriya news has surveyed that half of the country is based on milk and Milk products. The present status says that more than 89% people of India are surviving on cow milk. India news today is giving the big time by covering the news of India. Indian products like jute, cereals and pulses are the primary products and feeds loads of mouths all over the country. Orisha Samaya covers all the news on a broader pattern; to know follow the website.

One more reason to pray

Religion is a very important part of the Indian traditions and India is probably one of the few countries where the most amazing and rare forms of worship are seen. This is a country of religious diversity where people worship deities, animals, and even weather. It is really fascinating to see how the beliefs of people who pray so fervently often generate positive vibes and make the impossible happen. In Orissa news live, a very unusual reason and form of prayer has come to light.

Odisha news on the warding off of cyclones

Although it might seem unbelievable, people actually take this very seriously and pray to cows to keep cyclones away. The people in Kendrapara district of Orissa have been observing this from many years as a tradition practiced in the PanaSankranti festival truly believing that this will help protect their village from cyclone attacks. The cows are worshipped for three days every year during this festival by the local Sadhus and sweet foods are offered to the cows during this time. This is believed to create conducive weather conditions in the village and to prevent cyclone attacks.

Celebration of PanaSankrati in Odisha news today

The celebration of PanaSankrati is well covered by the Odisha news simply because it is a popular tradition taken very seriously by the people of the particular village. It is not known how much the people of the village believe in its worthiness today; however, it has more of a historical importance and is performed as part of tradition during the festival. Just as it was done years ago, cows are invited from places in and around the village by sending messengers carrying betel nuts with them. The cows are then brought with much show and pomp and are gathered in a particular place in the village. The cows are then offered ‘pana’ which is a traditional sweet prepared for this festival and is later distributed among the villagers. This marks the end of the prayers and the cows are then taken back by their owners. This is also done to protect the village from evil spirits.

ICICI Starts services on Twitter and Railway Plans before Nabakalebar Festival

If you are looking to find some of the best Indian or Odisha news today, then we are the right stop for your news thirst. Here below are two best India news today and Odisha news today.

India news Today:

Lets check out what India news today reveals; ICICI bank has announced the launch of banking services, called icicibankpay, on Twitter. The service will facilitate transfer of money by customers to anyone within the country having a twitter account, and will also allow a customer to check his account balance, view last three transactions, and recharge prepaid mobile in a secure manner.

“With growing prominence of social media in everyday life, it is believed that customers would be delighted to have yet another avenue which allows them to bank, while they are on social media. At present, ‘icicibankpay’ will help customers to execute banking transactions while they are socializing on Twitter.” The customer can send money to anyone in India even if the recipient does not have an ICICI Bank savings account.

ICICI Bank claimed it is the first in Asia and only second in the world to offer a Twitter based transfer service. A year ago, it launched facility to transfer funds through the Facebook and has now thirty thousand active Facebook users.

Claiming that the bank serves the highest number of youth in the country and this service is launched in the view of the demographic. It has 2.8 million registered mobile banking users and 15 million internet banking users, and more than a team of hundred people are working on digital banking within the bank.

Odisha News Today:

Well, as per the Odisha news today is conernced, the Indian Railways has drawn up mega plans to improve the infrastructure facilities ahead of the Nabakalebar festival and Rath Yatra. With accommodation being a major hurdle for lakhs of pilgrims likely to throng the town during the festival, a shelter is being built with modern civic amenities near the railway station at a cost of 11 crore INR. About eight crore would be spent for construction of two new platforms and the existing one would be renovated. Bathing complexes are also being constructed for the event. Besides nearly 50 lakh INR would be spent to provide 24x7 power supply to the railway station complex and Rupees twenty eight lakh for installation of LED television sets in the station and platforms.

Efforts are also on to upgrade the Government Railway Police (GRP) outpost to a fully fledged police station, while the first aid center is being converted into a hospital. More ticket booking counters in the station and outside would be made operational soon.